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Among other things, Cheops offers goods from the following manufacturers.

Most of it can be purchased at our e-shop which is available to you 24/7, 365 days a year, or just contact our sales department.

Supplier web pages
3COM www.3com.cz
Acer www.acer.cz
A-Data http://www.adata.com.tw/
Allied Telesyn www.alliedtelesis.cz/
AMD http://www.amd.com
Apacer http://emea.apacer.com/en/
APC www.apc.cz
Asus http://www.asus.cz/
ATI / Saphire http://www.amd.com
Axago www.axago.cz
Belkin www.belkin.com/cz/
Benq http://benq.cz/
Canon www.canon.cz
Cisco www.cisco.cz
Conteg www.conteg.cz
Corsair http://www.corsair.com/
Creative Labs http://cs.creative.com/
Dicota www.dicota.cz
D-Link www.dlink.cz
Eizo www.eizo.cz/
Epson www.espon.cz
Fujitsu-Siemens www.fujitsu-siemens.cz
Genius http://www.geniusnet.com/
Gigabyte http://www.gigabyte.cz/
Hama http://www.hama.cz
Hewlet-Packard www.hp.cz
HTC http://www.htc.com/cz
Chieftec http://www.chieftec.com
IBM http://www.ibm.com/cz/cs/
Imation http://www.imation.com/en/
Intel http://www.intel.com/index.htm#/cz_CZ_01
Kesnigton http://www.kensington.com/
Kingston http://www.kingston.com/
Konica-Minolta www.konicaminolta.cz
Kouwell www.kouwell.com
Leadtec http://www.leadtek.com/
Lenovo www.lenovo.cz
Lexmark www.lexmark.cz
LG http://cz.lge.com/index.do
Linksys www.linksys.cz
Lite-On http://www.liteonit.eu/
Logitech www.logitech.cz
Lynx http://www.lynx.cz
Microsoft www.microsoft.cz
Nec www.nec.cz
Netgear www.netgear.cz
Nikon www.nikon.cz
OKI www.oki.com
Olympus www.olympus.cz
Packard Bell http://cz.packardbell.com
Philips www.philips.cz
Pretec http://www.pretec.com
Samsung www.samsung.com
Sandisk www.sandisk.com
Seagate www.seagate.com/www/en-us/
Sony www.sony.cz
Targus www.targus.com
Telegartner www.telegartner.com
TomTom www.tomtom.cz
Toshiba www.toshiba.cz
Triton www.triton.cz
Trust www.trust.com
Verbatim www.verbatim.com
Western Digital www.wdc.com
Xerox www.xerox.cz
Zyxel www.zyxel.cz