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AuditPro is a specialized tool for IT managers and network administrators, which provides quick and easy control of all computer and other assets under their management. During his existence AuditPro has won numerous national and international awards and became a recognized standard in his field. Today, it has a platform of more than 500,000 licenses installed in six language versions. The functionality reflects the everyday needs and experiences of its users from all fields of business and government from 10 to tens of thousands of computers.

Cheops is a certified reseller and we are looking forward to introduce you the benefits of this software for your company.

The main ones are:

• You will find out who actually used what software to their work (not only what he had installed on his HDD in case he could possibly want to use it) and based on this information you can effectively optimize your licensing management.

• Avoid unwanted activities of users (such as playing games during work hours, misuse of corporate Internet, storing personal photos, music, etc., which only overloads the network, consumes space on business computers and distracts attention from work assignments).

• Devolve the responsibility for the software installed on computer users.