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Network Survey

Much like in many other disciplines in the field of structured cabling it is needed to control the parameters that we assume that the system should be able to pass in the correct manner.
For these purposes we use Certification apparatus Class E Category 6 JDSU Validator NT955 for measurement and certification at up to 1GB / s.
Measured quantities:
  • Wiremap - wiring of „pins“ and physical control of wiring
  • Length – determination of the length of cabling
  • Distortion (SKEW)
  • noise (crosstalk) combinations on all pairs (NEXT)
  • Channel Response
  • Echo test (Return Loss)
  • Signal to Noise Ratio
  • Electrical attenuation
  • amplitude
  • PING
  • Id - the type of active connected device
  • Views identification number RJ45 terminator (up to 8 pieces included)
  • evaluation of errors in the transmission bit stream (BERT)


Measured data can be processed using the included software "Plan-Um" on your PC for issuing the certification report. This software also allows you to draw a schematic wiring drawings, cable route for gauging devices are imported into a pre-set so that the actual measurement is very comfortable.