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IBM Tivoli

We provide a complete supply of data backup and archiving systems. Specific services are deliveries of the IBM Tivoli system which is always delivered as a complete project.

One of the best examples of our approach is our backup solution for a customer operating a private hospital. The client required fast access to backed-up data and its quick recovery. Therefore we made a survey of the client’s IT requirements and on the basis of the information we have offered the data server and TIVOLI software. We installed, set up as well as configured the network to improve the availability and then we trained the operating personnel to be able to operate the system. Now we provide servicing of the system and support for the local IT department.

TIVOLI system is primarily designed for use by medium and large organizations running mission-critical applications and requiring high availability of the data recovery in case of a failure. TIVOLI system supports a wide range of hardware (disk arrays, tape libraries, tape drives LTO, SDLT, AIT etc.) and software (Win2003, AIX, OS2, SQL, Oracle, DB2, Exchange, Lotus Notes etc.)