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IT support

Computing and Information and communication technology in general (ICT) are currently a critical issue for the competitiveness of any company. Any failure of ICT can cause a shutdown of the entire company and lead to financial losses. Corporate executives must resolve two conflicting requirements. To minimize costs on one hand and to ensure the maximum safety and availability of ICT on the other.

Cheops will reduce costs and increase availability of your services!

To have in the company's own staff to cover a wide range of ICT is not effective. Every employee brings unproductive costs. For example holiday makes 8% of working time, further training - another time spent inefficiently - the need to look for the substitution in case of illness. When cooperating with Cheops, the external suppliers of services, you have no unproductive costs. You can use trained consultants tailored exactly for your needs.

Some companies have no own workers. These companies use the services of Cheops’ consultants and hire us to solve specific issues. Not only to those customers we offer the possibility to enter into a service agreement which guarantees high-speed response time and ensures better and more comfortable services. Click here for more.