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Service agreement

With the service agreement from Cheops you will gain certainty of quality service.

-          response time, if requested, up to 2 hours is guaranteed in EACH service agreement;

-          immediate telephone support;

-          you can order and manage your requirements online;

-          the application HelpDesk allows you to find out the status of your requirements at any time;

-          best prices; the service agreements offer the best available prices in the market.

As a bonus you will obtain

-          19 years of experience; Cheops has been working in IT since 1993;

-          quality service certified by certification of ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004; ISO 27001:2005;

-          the professional approach; cooperation with the most demanding customers, often lasting more than 10 years, entitles us to claim that our services and access to customers is at a very high-level;

-          we are investing in education - our consultants regularly participate in training and testing; you can take a look at their certificates;

The list of activities we undertake and we are responsible for is attached to the service agreement. In case of a delay or failure we are paying the penalty.

We will prepare a service agreement for you! Our customers are the global companies with hundreds of computers, as well as smaller companies with ten computers.

Case Study 1


The Czech branch of a pharmaceutical company required the IT staff for user support and cooperation with the central IT department for two days a week.


A consultant from Cheops visits the customer’s office twice a week. During this time he discusses the issues with users, installs the equipment supplied under the terms of global purchasing agreement, resolves projects with IT department in the customer’s headquarters and deals with the requirements of the company’s Prague management. The consultant is available to users for dealing with their demands on the phone during the whole week. Cheops guarantees the availability of the consultant on the phone and his regular visits to the customer. In the event of leave or sickness absence the primary consultant is substituted by his colleague who is familiar with the environment at the customer and thereby the interchangeability is ensured.

Case Study 2


An accounting company with ten employees has no own administrator. With respect to the type of activity and sensitivity of the processed data there has been the demand for the extremely fast access to the administrator and its reliability.


Cheops offered a service agreement with guaranteed response time of 2 hours for Urgent service requirements. In addition to service agreement we also signed a confidentiality and data protection agreement. Similar agreements are concluded with the Cheops’ staff. Cheops´ consultant regularly visits the customer, solves problems of users and monitors the correct functioning of IT. Any special controls and requirements are solved by the remote access or by the telephone hot-line. Cheops also provides a control of backup and data archiving. Once a year the DATA RECOVERY TEST is performed, which is the test verifying whether the data on the advances are actually legible and complete.