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 We are a preferred Kerio Technologies partner with certified equipment and consultants. Therefore, we can provide you with professional service, consulting, installation and setup of the Kerio products. We take care about your installed license so that they are still up to date and provide you with maximum value. SW supplies are settled electronically.


Among the many projects we implemented, we e.g. secured installation for a company engaged in the distribution of mineral water. The project’s assignment was to link the company’s headquarters and two branches located at the opposite end of the Czech Republic and having about 100 users. Solution consisted in installing the Kerio WinRoute Firewall at the servers at the branch offices and headquarters. The Firewall installation on the server and data migration did not last longer than one day and did not request old hardware replacement. The subsequent installation of the VPN Client on workstations that are free to this Firewall was implemented on the second day. Connecting servers with the VPN client - server allowed users to access corporate information system from anywhere. Setting the Bandwidth Limiter (part of the product), allowed the client to regulate the data flow and make the best of not very fast connection.

Customers, who wish to have their corporate email in full control, we deliver robust, yet user-friendly email software - Kerio Connect. If you decide for this product, you can easily manage user’s mail traffic, add and remove accounts, create aliases etc. We will gladly help you with the initial installation and configuration of the product. If you wish, we can take a complete administration of the system, so you will only have to take care about the mail.

Network Firewall - Kerio WinRoute Firewall protects corporate networks against external attacks, viruses and unwanted content. The Firewall ensures a thorough inspection of all outgoing and incoming Internet traffic. VPN module at the server/server level allows remote sites connection; server/client allows remote access of the users.