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Ecological Disposal

We think ecologically and we care about the environment!

We are a "green company"

We provide free environmentally friendly disposal of computer equipment. We are a part of REMA system of reverse collection of electronic equipment. You can recycle any IT equipment, computers, CRT monitors, displays, printers (no toner) as well as any accessory. Empty toners and ink cartridges are eliminated separately, of course, environmentally friendly. For the collected equipment we usually draw a declaration of ecological disposal with a list of disposed equipment.

The REMA System is a nonprofit joint-stock company created to fulfill the obligations set forth in an amendment to the Waste Act. The System was founded on 14 February 2005 as the first collective system in the Czech Republic.

greenfirmEstablishment of the REMA System was initiated by the largest importers and manufacturers of information technology and telecommunications in the Czech Republic. Impulse for its establishment was the amendment to Act No. 185/2001 Coll., on Waste (the Waste Act), which from the 13 August 2005 for manufacturers and importers of electrical equipment sets forth the obligation to create a system that is obliged to secure and fund reverse collection, processing, and environmentally sound disposal of electronic equipment.

The main purpose of the activities of REMA System is to protect the environment - ensuring efficient recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). To this purpose, the REMA System organizes collection, sorting, disposal and recycling in the entire Czech Republic.

REMA System, as part of its business, focuses on comprehensive solutions for all categories of electronic equipment. The REMA System’s activities are secured on basis of the surcharge, which has been added to the product’s price since 1 September 2005. Surcharge is obligatory for all customers within the REMA System and for the relevant product type is always the same, so that there was no competitive advantage.