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Monitoring systems

We can implement small solution, such as wireless camera to monitor movement in a warehouse or parking. But we can also implement more extensive solution meeting challenging safety criteria with video transmission over long distances. Such solution is applicable in heavy industry, hazardous operations, security services and other specific conditions. It allows local as well as remote surveillance recording in several different views and modes. It is not meant as a standard camera system, but as a special-order service.


Case Study


For an important client from the public administration, we solved the requirement for encrypted video transmission from cameras at a great distance. The client required transmission of the video signal (on the distance up to 20 km) in the real time. Another requirement was the system’s invulnerability and high quality image. Data must be saved for later review.


The project was implemented as a compressed data stream with a possibility of encryption. Data from the input signal are compressed, encrypted. They are then transmitted to a central unit, where the image is re-extracted and divided into several outputs: to the surveillance screen, VCR and IP recording equipment. The project has been implemented in more than fifteen locations. We used technology solutions of Cisco, Panasonic, Sony, Hewlett-Packard, Milestone, Nokia and other companies.

The quality of the provided image meets the needs of all types of security services or insurance companies. It also meets the requirements for applications in environments subject to special arrangements. Images can be affixed by a time stamp, marked by name of the place, etc. Records can be converted into other formats including preventive information confirming authenticity of the record.