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Wireless Networking

Wireless Wi-fi networks are the today’s trend. Thanks to its massive use there is a need to pay great attention to their settings so that the threat to corporate data is eliminated.

To network conference rooms, meeting rooms or small offices and homes without the possibility of wired LAN we can offer you and set-up a secure wireless network. Our technicians will set-up necessary security wireless Wi-fi network encryption in accordance with your needs and latest security trends – from the to outer world absolutely hidden encrypted network to public Wi-fi hotspots.

The basis of wireless networks (excluding ad-hoc network) is an Access Point (AP). It is actually a wireless router or switch through which all communication runs through the air. These devices typically use the IEEE 802.11 a, b, g, n standard and come in with a wide variety of products ranging from simple devices suitable for households to the APs with high security and performance.
wireless network