Network Management

Network and server management

As part of network management, we take care of your entire IT infrastructure. We carry out non-stop monitoring and thus resolve most incidents before they restrict you from working. We guarantee response time.

Station Management

The services offered include the management of stations, mobile phones and end devices (printers, etc.). We keep detailed documentation of your ICT infrastructure.

User support

You have a helpdesk with direct access via the app. The dispatchers are experts and are therefore able to deal with most of your requests, up to 80%, immediately.

Consulting services

Are you migrating to a new system, opening a new branch or building a greenfield factory? Experienced project managers will design your project process, manage its implementation and report on the progress.

Cloud management

We offer cloud infrastructure monitoring, management, user support and detailed reporting. We provide backups of databases located in the cloud, including maintaining non-erasable backups.

Project work

Are you migrating to a new system, opening a new branch or building a greenfield factory? We have experienced project managers who will design the process of your project and manage its realization.

Price list

Outsourcing of IT services

Do you have your own IT department and at the same time there is a need for a specialist who is not with you?
  • Internal IT support
  • Substitute for internal IT (vacation, illness)
  • Support in projects
  • Server and network infrastructure management
  • Implementation of the latest technologies
  • Security audit
from 4 500 CZK per month

Comprehensive IT administration

Are you a small or medium-sized company without your own IT department?
  • Managing the entire IT infrastructure
  • Remote and local user support
  • Consultation and purchase of HW, SW
  • Recommendations for IT development
  • Project management
  • IT environment security
  • Documentation management
from 7 500 CZK per month

Local IT support

Are you a Czech representative office of a multinational corporation looking for local IT support?
  • Providing local IT services for the Czech representative office
  • Local support for central IT
  • Cooperation with foreign IT
  • Local user support
  • Language skills
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How we take care of you

We are a team of IT consultants, network administrators and IT salespeople. We are your best department.


Our dispatchers respond IMMEDIATELY to every request received - whether it's a call from a user, a server report, or an automated monitoring report. Dispatch knows no vacation, no sick days, and no going out to lunch. It is always there for your support.


We keep track of all requests in the HELPDesk, monitor SLA deadlines and keep customers informed of the progress of the solution. Customers can also access HELPDESK to log a request or to check our work.


We work responsibly. We meet deadlines and fulfill SLAs. We store network management information such as passwords, licenses and other sensitive data in encrypted form and keep records of their use.


We will lend you a microcomputer to monitor your infrastructure. This way we can monitor an unlimited number of servers, services and applications. We try to prevent problems in the infrastructure, warning messages are solved by our dispatcher immediately.


We keep detailed records of our activities and report monthly. You therefore have a perfect overview of our work and management costs.


We have detailed documentation for your IT infrastructure and keep track of changes. This ensures substitutability and flawless support.

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