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We are the recipients of The Best Kerio Reseller award. We have an expert team of certified technicians and provide license selection, professional installation, setup and training for administrators and users.


Software used to centrally manage wireless networks and provide a complete overview of what is happening on the network. It can be run as a Windows application, a virtual server or as a standalone controller.


Mikrotik RouterBoard network elements are very popular due to their performance and friendly price. Compared to the competition, it offers almost unlimited configuration possibilities.

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Kerio Technologies products boast easy installation,
management, advanced features and affordable pricing.


More than an email server for small and medium-sized businesses.

Share calendars, tasks and contacts. Chat with colleagues in real time.
The ideal solution wherever you are - in the office or on the road.


Comprehensive UTM solution for network security.

Intelligent firewall with content filtering, integrated antivirus, traffic statistics. Use VPN to connect traveling users and other affiliates to the network.


Branch VoIP PBX with advanced features.

Allows for voice machines or conference calls. With superior mobile device support, you can carry your landline in your pocket.


Don't have or don't want to run your own UniFi controller? Take advantage of our UniFi Controller cloud solution hosted at Cheops. The world's most distributed Wi-Fi products.


A range of WiFi access points with a sleek minimalist design suitable for installation on ceilings, in views or existing sockets.

Easy management and support for the latest wireless standards. Highest speed with the best security.


The UniFi Switch is ideal for UniFi hotspot installations that require a powerful switch with performance management.

Ideal for powering multiple UniFi APs and UniFi Cloud Key, or even VoIP phones.


The software is used for central management of wireless networks and a complete overview of what is happening on the network.

Can be run as a Windows application, virtual server or UniFi Cloud Key.


Need basic IP and routing setup, port forwarding from a public IP, or to improve firewall security? Our certified technicians are ready to help you with configuration and other settings:

  • Set up central WiFi management
  • Separate guest WiFi from the rest of your network
  • Connect users using a VPN
  • Connect branch offices using IPSec tunnels
  • Set up a certificate authority
  • Limit the speed of "downloaders" on your network
  • Set up automatic switching to a backup internet line
  • And much more

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